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How do I pick the right size carpet for my living room?

Bunyaad 9x12 Chobi rug at Landmark Homes

This is a question we hear all the time. What are the things you need to consider when trying to figure out how large a rug you should consider? I know I had those questions the first time I started looking at rugs for my home. Let me put you at ease, it is easier than you think.

Hand-knotted rugs come in quite a variety of sizes and so it can be daunting to know exactly what size rug to choose for the different rooms in our home. Let’s talk about living rooms to get us started. Future posts will look into kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms.

We had the opportunity to stage rugs in a Landmark Custom Home. These homes are the perfect setting for our gorgeous heirloom-quality rugs. Take a look at the different types and sizes of rugs that we used in the same living room to show you the many varied options you have when selecting a rug for your living room.

Bunyaad 9x12 Chobi rug at Landmark Homes
This gorgeous 9’x12′ Chobi Tribal is large enough to fit under the couch and easy chairs to create a room within a room feeling.
Bunyaad rugs at Landmark Homes
This blue Kazak Tribal rug is also 9’x12′ in size. There is enough space around the rug to create breathing space. It is always good to have enough floor showing to frame the rug and help your eyes move from space to space.
Bunyaad Kazak rug at Landmark Homes
Your furniture and room size will help determine the size rug needed. We usually recommend to leave a foot and a half of space around the rug. You want to also consider walkways around furniture and doors so that you can either fully walk on the rug or not at all to keep you from stumbling.
Bunyaad Kazak rug at Landmark Homes
Bunyaad rugs make great companions to cozy fireplaces. Due to the high lanolin content in the wool fiber these rugs can handle some heat and the occasional ashes flying.
Bunyaad Kazak rug at Landmark Homes
Other rug size options include 6’x9′, 7’x9′, 7’x10′ and 8’x10′. This 6’x9′ Kazak nicely fits under the coffee table and creates a center piece for the seating furniture around it.
Bunyaad Persian rug at Landmark Homes
Besides showing you two different sizes for the same space we also used a variety of rug types to see how each type changes the look of the room. I find this always fascinating.


There really is no great secret or science behind finding the right size rug for your living room. Let me recap the questions we ask ourselves:

  • Do I want furniture sitting on the rug or off the rug?
  • How much floor do I want showing around the rug?
  • Do I need to keep the rug from doorways or can the rug function as part of the walkway?
  • Do I want to use the rug (especially with open floor plans) to create individual living spaces?
  • And the most important question to ask is as always “Do I love the look?”.

Bring your room measurements along when visiting one of our year-round Rug Rooms or coming to a Rug Event. Pictures are always helpful as well to give us a sense of your room layout to best guide you in selecting the perfect rug for your home.

Stay tuned for more posts on different types of rooms and the challenges these bring to selecting a rug.

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