Here are some tips and tricks as you measure your room and think about what size carpet you need.

When you shop for a Bunyaad rug, bring as many representations of your room and decor as you can: swatches of materials & upholstery, paint chips, pillows, etc. The more items that represent the room where your carpet will go, the easier the choice will be. Be excessive when planning for your visit.

Measure Your Room

Measure your room as well as the area you would want your rug to cover. Large rugs are impressive while smaller rugs can be more versatile. Take a digital picture of your room and its contents to bring along.

Since we carry three types of rugs—Persian, Bokhara and Tribal—visit our Types and Designs section to determine which style you are most drawn to. Bring along any accessories you wish your rug to complement and perhaps a picture of other rugs which will lie near your new rug.

Choose a rug that you love.

Look at rugs you are drawn to, but keep in mind that it is often the rug you least expect that looks best in your home. Be open to taking rugs home on approval. Seeing a rug on a platform in a showroom or even on the floor does not compare to seeing it in your own home, with your individual furnishings and lighting.

Don’t be overly concerned about the rug “matching” other items in the room. A rug that “speaks to you” will provide more pleasure than one that goes well with its surroundings. Rugs contain many colors which will be drawn out by the accessories in your room.

Also, keep in mind that, while your furniture, upholstery and home may change over the years, a handknotted rug will last for generations. So, ultimately you should choose a rug that you love for its own sake and not simply because it goes with your current decor.

When you look for a rug for your living room, decide if you want the rug to carpet the entire room except for 1 1/2′ on each side or whether the rug will be the focus in a conversational area with other rugs as accents.

Also decide if you want to place your furniture on top of the carpet or around it. Placing the furniture off the carpet will allow the entire design of the rug to be enjoyed. Measure the area you wish to carpet.

Living Room Gallery

To choose a proper size rug for a dining room, measure your dining room table and then add 1.5 feet to 2 feet to either side so your chairs can move in and out without going off the carpet. Based on standard table sizes, for the chairs to remain on the carpet while guests are seated, you would need:

  • a 6’x 9′ rug for 4 chairs
  • a 7’x 10′ or 8’x 10′ rug for 6 chairs
  • a 9’x 12′ rug for 8+ chairs.

If the room is exceedingly large you may need a rug that is larger than your table warrants.

Dining Room Gallery

dining room layout
An 8’x10′ rug accommodates 6-8 chairs.

Hand-knotted rugs beautifully accent a bedroom in many locations. Area rugs or runners can be placed on either side of a bed, at the bottom of a bed or in front of a dresser. Although one large rug may be used, placing it under the bed does not allow the rug’s design to be seen. Measure carefully the area you wish to carpet.

Sample bed sizes are:

  • Twin—38″x 75″
  • Full—53″x 75″
  • Queen—60″x 80″
  • King—76″x 80″

Bedroom Gallery