The Diary of an Adventurer


… or adventures on a rug as Gil Melo recalls childhood memories

I have been fond of adventures my whole life. I always look forward to face the dangerous and perilous places around the world.

I have climbed the highest mountains and the deepest seas, visited volcanoes and ran through places full of lava. I’ve flown over numerous canyons and evoked my paleontologist vein into dark caverns.

But there is nothing more exciting than driving my car along sinuous roads, surrounded by cliffs and snowy lanes prone to avalanches, speeding through deserts and sliding over sand dunes.

My car was magical.
We were one.

From driving trucks to sport cars, I was unstoppable. The rush, the adrenaline, the wind, the speed and the feeling that nothing could be wrong in the world. I could spend hours going through narrow lanes to wide highways. Driving up steep roads. Carving though canyons and jumping over broken bridges.

My car was magical. We were one. Every movement, every turn, every jump, every power slide, every wheel screeching was minutiously planned.

Nothing could ever stop me…well…almost nothing.

Unfortunately every afternoon my Mom would yell that dinner was ready and I should collect all my car toys off the rug and wash my hands.


But for those couple of hours, playing on that rug was my entire world. I could boldly go to places where no man, or boy, had gone before. I lived the best adventures of my life on that rug and those memories and adventures will be with me the rest of my life.

Gil Melo, pictured here with his daughter Gabby, thrives on connecting with people, keeping the entire IT department for Bunyaad US and Pakistan running smoothly and talking about that perfect beer.

We love to hear about adventures and especially when they are inspired by one of our rugs.

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