Do you have a dirty hand-knotted rug and are not wanting to wash it yourself? No worries! We’ll wash it for you! Cleaning your rug properly is a service we offer at the Bunyaad Marketplace in Lititz.

How Does It Work?

We take care of problem spots with our bag of time-learned stain removal tricks.

For $4/square foot ($50 minimum charge), we will wash your rug and bring it back to cleanliness! From cleaning and brightening fringes, washing the pile with Dr. Bronner’s fair trade soap and addressing any particular problem spots with our bag of time-learned stain removal tricks, our skilled team of rug cleaners will not stop until they feel they have gotten the rug as clean as possible!

We are happy to clean any hand-knotted rug, not just those that were purchased from us. We know that you can wash your Bunyaad rug at home but we also know many of you are pleased to have someone else deal with a heavy, wet rug and pesky stains.

Ready To Get Your Rug Cleaned?

  1. Bring in your rug or ship it to the Bunyaad Marketplace in Lititz.
  2. Rug Room staff will measure your rug and figure your basic cleaning cost based on exact square footage ($4/sq ft., $50 minimum charge). If they notice any repairs or severe stain issues, they will communicate with you regarding any additional costs that cleaning would require.
  3. Our rug cleaning crew will then get to cleaning. Normal turn-around is 2–3 weeks although during our busy travel season in spring and fall, turn-around time will be greater, approximately 4–5 weeks. We will contact you when the rug is ready for pickup. We can also ship completed rugs back; shipping is covered by the customer.

Rug Repairs

Let us help you with frayed edges, fringe issues, missing knots and more. Many rug repairs can be done in-house. Talk to our experts to have the damage on your rug assessed and receive a quote and time table for the repair.

Give us a call at 717-721-8800 or fill out the form below to help answer any additional questions