At the Bunyaad Rug Room, we believe in a global economy that is sustainable and fair to everyone involved.

This means providing well made, quality products for our customers and a fair livable income for our artisans. When you purchase a Bunyaad rug, you not only acquire a beautiful piece of functional art, you also support lives, culture and education in Pakistan.

Quality You Desire, Fairness Artisans Deserve

Fair Trade produces Quality

Quite simply, when artisans know they receive a fair, living wage for their work, they can focus on their work, focus on creativity, focus on good materials, focus on quality.
Fair trade produces quality, breeds empowerment, fuels creativity and fosters respect and peace.

Meet our artisan group Bunyaad

People Behind the Rugs
People Behind The Rugs
Bunyaad is a peace-building project in addition to being a job creation project.
Empower Women
Empowering Women
This project gives increased opportunity to women.
Supporting Schools
Bunyaad supports over ten schools in several different Pakistani villages.