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A Quilt and a Kazak Living in Perfect Harmony

QuiltWhen I walked into the home of Gill and Dave my eyes went straight to the quilt on the wall in the living room. I love symmetry and vibrant, yet harmonious color combinations and this quilt was a perfect example showcasing both. What made the quilt stand out even more though was the Tribal Kazak sitting almost underneath as part of a cozy sitting area.

As an artist, Gill is drawn to handmade, finely crafted products. Even before moving to the US many years ago she had discovered Bunyaad Rugs online and searched our extensive inventory for the perfect rug for her new home. She appreciates how much care is put into each rug and delights in exploring design details and how they will work with her furniture pieces and other art work.

Quilt and Kazak in living room

As your eyes travel around the room you will notice a long Kazak runner and a Gabbeh with a more stylistic floral design. All three of the rugs feature the same blues and reds and yet are quite varied from each other. The emphasis is on harmony. The vibrant rug colors are balanced by soft, light-colored fabrics and walls. Each rug also very clearly defines its own space and gently breaks the large room into smaller living spaces.


Gabbeh under the coffee table

It’s those small details you see in a carved table leg and the same pattern repeated in the rug that keep amazing me. How does a rug artisan in a rural village in Pakistan know that his/her pattern would complement a piece of furniture so perfectly?

As Gill says, “I wonder so much about the artisans, whether they are aware of the outstanding beauty of the rugs they create. They must be. I knew someone who worked in a bank and they were never shown counterfeit notes on purpose. By only handling the real ones they instantly recognized a forgery when one turned up. I feel the same way about your rugs. Now when I see the ones they sell at, for example the gem and mineral show, I can immediately see their inferiority.”



Stay tuned for future Rugs in Your Home stories

We hope you enjoyed the journey through a part of Dave and Gill’s home. This is our first story showing you were Bunyaad rugs have found a new home.

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  1. In a single word – Amazing! I really mesmerize by the images of rugs, you posted with your amazing write up. The story of Gill’s house is such an adorable thing, i ever read. Nicely done everything, Thanks for sharing!

  2. Well, well, who’d have thought…….
    I sent the link to friends and they really enjoyed reading about the Bunyaad rug story.
    You did a very good job, Heike.

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