Three ways to get your significant other to like the same rug


We need to pick a rug for our house but how do I get my significant other to like the same rug I like?

Ahhhhh, yes this can be a challenge and no, none of us are councilors. We do not encourage arm wrestling as a decision making process on the sales floor. We have noticed a few shopping techniques.

The Scout

Couples use this method when either one member doesn’t have the patience to go through the piles or when the other has strong views of what they’d like to see in the house. It works like this. The Scout comes in alone and goes through the piles. He/She take several home on approval to begin the process. In most cases, the couple comes back together and is ready to start Round 2 in the decision making process, but the Scout already has an idea of what is in our stacks and what they find themselves drawn to.

The Negotiator

This is when a couple comes in together and has very different views of what will work. With our hardwood floors, we pull out many different rugs, favorites from both customers, and compare them side by side. Then, we encourage them to each take home one of their favorites and one that they both favor together.

The “Whatever You Like Sweetie”

When I first started, I thought this type of couple had it the easiest. One person lead in the decision and the second one just said “Yes, love, I love it if you do.” And then I realized that perhaps this style of shopping also had its complications.


When choosing a rug that will be with you for many generations, many customers need the extra assurance that their design choice is a good one. Taking rugs home on approval allows friends and family to be invited over to cast their thoughts on the different choices. And as sales clerks, we will always offer our thoughts if asked but we also know we don’t live in your house and so what we think works best, works best in our minds but not necessarily yours.

In the end, if you still struggle to get your significant other to like your choice, we suggest one compromise. You choose the rug for one room…and then choose another room for the other person to pick.

Take a nap on and see how it feels. You'll both love the rug.
Take a nap on and see how it feels. We want both of you to love the rug.

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