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Some Rugs Stop All Conversation

Some rugs are meant to stop conversation, others invite you to step inside and join in. Whatever conversation happens in Ernie and Jane’s living room happens around this gorgeous 9’x 12′ Beljik.

Ernie wasn’t really looking for a rug when he came to the Rug Room in Ephrata. As someone who enjoys the Arts Ernie didn’t just walk past the rug piles or ignored the rugs hanging on the walls. We encourage any customer, serious shopper or just curious, to touch the rugs to feel the richness of the fibers, take in the intricate designs and appreciate the artistry that goes into the making of each and every one of our rugs.

While flipping through the rug piles, just to take a look, it didn’t take Ernie long to discover this Beljik. What made him stop where the hallmark features of the Beljik, the remarkable colors of varying shades of deep reds and blues. On the Rug Types & Designs page we describe that these rugs are generally considered to be the finest of all tribal style rugs. They are made with finely-spun wool and knotted into intricate geometric patterns with complex borders.

Long story short, this unique Beljik with a larger than usual cream background and eye-catching center medallion caught Ernie’s heart and soon found a place in his home. It is now the centerpiece of the living room and enjoys many a conversation.

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Beljiks are just one of many rug types and designs that Bunyaad offers. Take a look at our incredible varied selection. One of the rugs might catch your heart too.

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