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Taking the Loom with Her, Sabah trains more Women

artisan-sabah-dhabliwala-04In our digital world many of us can easily work while on the road or move cross country and still be able to do our job. Working on a heavy duty loom doesn’t seem to provide you that flexibility. Or does it?

Sabah grew up in Lohan (called Halwan by the locals), a remote village in the Narrowal District of Punjab province in Pakistan. She watched her father knot Persian rugs while she was in school and after graduation joined him at the loom learning this intricate skill.

When Sabah got married and moved to the small village Dhabli Wala, she requested her own loom. Bunyaad made the move with her even though there were no other Bunyaad artisans in this village prior to Sabah. With a loom set up in her new home, Sabah is able to contribute to the family income since her husband works as a laborer and work is not always consistent.

Sabah was the first in her husband’s family with the knowledge and skills to knot rugs. She continues to knot Persians. You can see her working on a 2×6 foot Persian runner.


New Opportunities for Women!

Sabah can even assist her sister-in-law improve her skills knotting Bokhara rugs even though she herself produces Persian rugs.

Fair Trade moves families towards independence and sustainability. Women are empowered to financially contribute to the success of their family while their children are in school.

Empower Women

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  1. I loved seeing Sabah helping others artisans in her village, how wonderful to see empowerment and cooperation among artisans taking place through fair trade.

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