Bunyaad Learning Trip – Before Departure

Harvesting outside the village of Darianwala
Harvesting outside the village of Darianwala

On November 10, Doug Horst and I (Doug Dirks), from the Bunyaad office at Ten Thousand Villages in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, will fly to Pakistan to visit rug makers and learn about rug making. We will join Yousaf Chaman who traveled to Pakistan a week earlier.

We are very much looking forward to this two week trip because we will meet rug makers and their families in their homes, right where Bunyaad rugs are created. This will help us to better understand how rugs are made, who makes them and under what circumstances they are made. We’ll get to visit and stay in rug making villages so we can soak up local culture and enjoy wonderful village hospitality. The food will be delicious and the conversations will be delightful.

Female Bunyaad Rug Knotter
A Bunyaad rug artisan is prepping her loom.

We hope to learn a lot more about wool, spinning, yarn, natural and synthetic dyes, looms and rug knotting. Along the way, we will meet rug makers and their families and learn about their joys, concerns, challenges and hopes for the future.

We’re eager to visit some of the schools that Bunyaad has helped to establish, meet students and hear about their aspirations.

Girl School in the village of Darianwala
Girl School in the village of Darianwala

In Lahore we’ll stay with Yousaf’s family and learn more about how rugs are finished and prepared for export to North America. Maybe we’ll even be able to try our hand at trimming, washing and stretching rugs. Of course, all of our clumsy mistakes will be corrected before any rugs are approved for shipment.

Rug Washers rinse out soap.
Rug Washers rinse out soap.

Since Lahore is one of the most important cultural and historic centers of Pakistan, we’ll also visit historic sites and experience some of the cultural highlights.

Lahore Fort
Lahore Fort

Stay tuned for Doug’s next trip post

We’ll be keeping notes, recording our experiences and taking photos so that you can follow our adventures on the Bunyaad blog. We’ll come back from Pakistan with new friends, memorable experiences, tons of rug making knowledge and lots of new stories to tell.

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    1. Tricia,
      thanks for bringing this to our attention. I am very sorry about this and am looking into fixing it. I have added you manually to the list for now to make sure you will not miss the next blog post.

      1. The sign-up button to receive updates from the Pakistan Learning Trip is now working. Thanks again Tricia for alerting us.

  1. Hi Doug Dirks!
    I will follow your trip with great interest! I have such good memories of our trip to Lahore and some Punjabi villages thanks to you. It is because of that trip that I now host a rug event.
    Have a good trip!


    1. Hi Jane, Good to hear from you. This will be my first time back to Pakistan since 1998 so I’m eager to see what has changed. Hope to learn a lot too from the rug makers and Bunyaad staff.

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