When a Pet Leaves a Gift


This is the classic Whodunit story and no one is willing to admit to having done the deed. I could tell you quite a few stories and can only imagine the stories you have to share.

Can you see the guilt written all over Katie, our black rescue cat? At least we think she might have been the one who gifted us.

The Deed is Done – Now What?

If your are the happy owner of a Bunyaad rug which is made with very high quality wool and you find a puddle on your rug, never fear. Follow these easy steps to clean up the mess:

  1. Quickly absorb the puddle into paper toweling or an old absorbent cloth.
  2. Then wash the area with water and a bit of dish washing liquid like Dawn.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with clear water to remove any soap left in the pile.
  4. Just love your pet. Any amount of scolding will only be returned with a loving gaze or a diverted look.
Princess Missy tries to look rather innocent as well.

The Gift Giving Multiplies

If you have the misfortune of discovering a damp spot from repeated gifting then this will require repeated washing and additional soap, perhaps using a preparation, available in stores, specific for pet stains and odors. Excessive soap will not solve the problem and in the end repeated rinsing will be necessary to remove the soap from the pile.

A final rinse with a maximum 10% bleach solution will help to deodorize the carpet. This requires very careful attention and safety is of the utmost importance. At the very end, attention must be directed to the pile. The pile should be all lying in the same and correct direction. This can be achieved by using your hand or a damp cotton cloth.

rug-cleaning-steam-vac-01I’m not 100% sure of which cat was responsible for the damp to wet spot on my rug and neither of them is willing to confess. Since it was winter, I did bring my rug to the store because we have space indoors to work. I also used a “steam vac” to evenly wash the rug. The advantage with using these shampooers is that they vacuum the water out of the rug which promotes a faster drying time. Drying the rug in bright sunshine is really beneficial but not always available.

We do accept rugs for washing in our store in Ephrata and will use the “steam vac” machines along with a lot of manual effort to clean your rugs. We are able to clean them year round but we try to utilize the sun as much as possible.

What stories do you have to tell? What has worked for you to keep your Bunyaad rug and your pet happy?

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