One Room, Two Looks, You Choose

Bunyaad Rugs at Landmark Homes
A runner behind the sofa leads the way to the patio.

Sometimes we wish we could tag along with our customers when they take different rugs home on approval to see which rug fits and looks the best. How do you decide which style you like or if the 8×10 fits better than the 6×9 size rug?

A new community of homes built in the Arts & Crafts style by Landmark Homes in our neighborhood in Ephrata graciously let us bring in a truck load of rugs so we could experiment ourselves. Here is our first look at different rugs in the living room. We wanted to show you how the same room gets transformed by simply changing the style of rug.

One Room, Two Looks, You Choose

See for yourself and let us know what helps you in choosing the right rug for your living room.

Bunyaad Rugs at Landmark Homes
A larger living space easily turns into a cozy sitting area by choosing a smaller rug under the coffee table and a runner behind the sofa.
Bunyaad Rugs at Landmark Homes
The Persian clearly defines the space between the sofa and fireplace.
Bunyaad Rugs at Landmark Homes
The light and dark side of each rug allows you to place the rug in either directions. Take advantage of this play with light to best complement all elements in the room.
Bunyaad Rugs at Landmark Homes
Which elements in a room do you want to highlight? The red bricks in the fireplace and the red stripes in the Chobi offer color variations as well as geometric lines your eyes can easily follow. Another subtle touch is the soft striped blanket as it adds a lighter hue of the same red tones to pull the room together.
Bunyaad Rugs at Landmark Homes
Bold stripes add some punch to the overall muted color scheme. Don’t you just love the sunshine coming in through those double doors?

What do you think? Which rug would be the winner in your home and why? We’d love to read your comments.

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  1. I love the colors of the Chobi, but like that pattern of the Persian more. Back to the rug room to look for more options! Fun to see the different looks in the same room.

  2. I love Chobis, but this time I have to go with the Persian. I like how the formality contrasts with the contemporary/rustic elements in the room. Both are beautiful though, no bad choices here! 🙂

  3. Each set-up is gorgeous!
    The striped Chobi gorgoeous and modern. Love the punch of red. And the runner….outstanding! A perfect path to outside. And will last YEARS longer than the wall to wall.

    1. Lori, thanks for mentioning the longevity of the rugs. These rugs can easily handle quite a bit of traffic over many, many years.

  4. At first I really thought I would prefer the way the Persian pulled everything together. Then the statement piece of the Chobi drew me in — the way it coordinates with the color scheme but shows off its own artistry.

  5. The rugs are lovely but unfortunately I do not like fringes on rugs. We have hardwood floors and the only place we have a rug is in the living room under the long mirrored coffee table which is between to love seats placed parallel in front of fireplace.

    1. Hardwood floors and rugs just perfectly go together. Fringes in hand-knotted rugs are part of the structure and hold the entire rug together. Since you don’t like fringes you might want to check out the Tribals since most of them have just a very short fringe. The longer fringes on Persians may be cut down to one inch (never shorter though!!).

  6. I liked the Persian rug. The other rug was too busy. The red striped rug looks like it would be harder to keep clean.

    1. Charlotte, seeing the different rugs in the same spot does help to KNOW what works for you. Cleaning any of these rugs is a breeze because you really only have to vacuum on a regular basis.

  7. The runner is would really be nice in the hallway . ( 10 ‘or 12 ‘ ) is perfect. Looking for reds and blue s for a flo.
    We are looking for a nice selection of runners. We are in Mechanicsburg and close to Lancaster Pa .The store with the best selection would be ? Thanks , Al Myers

    1. Alvin, Ten Thousand Villages in Ephrata carries around 1500 rugs with a great selection of 10′-12′ runners in all styles. If you want to take advantage of the sale you want to come in before March 12.

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