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Going Green with a Hand Knotted Rug

For many, going green means recycling, composting and mass transit. Now, hand knotted rugs want to declare themselves among that list.

Gabby loves to crawl on the rug. It's soft and warm.
Gabby loves to crawl on the rug made with good, old-fashioned, 100% natural wool.

Five quick reasons why hand knotted rugs can help you go green:

1. Buying a quality hand knotted carpet means it’s lasting you for generations. Literally. No filling the landfill with cheap throw-aways that never clean up nicely and show wear and tear in two seconds.

2. When your floors are warm, the house feels warmer. More rugs, less heat. Wouldn’t you rather buy a gorgeous hand knotted rug than pay for large heating bills?

Rugs fit in car

3. No need for caustic cleaners…just simple soap and water! Cleaning a Bunyaad rug is that simple.

4. Bunyaad rugs are made with good, old-fashioned, 100% natural wool. Not a petroleum product but rather a product of happy sheep grazing in the great outdoors, getting their hair cut once a year, usually in April.

5. These rugs can’t fly but they do move from house to house with you, allowing you to truly enjoy them for years on end.

Going green has never been so gorgeous!

There are so many ways to “Go Green”, a Bunyaad rug is just one of them. What are some of the ways that you “Go Green”?

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