Modern Chic Meets Timeless Classics

Rugs at Parade of Homes

When designing our homes we want the overall effect to be a pleasing whole. The wallpaper shouldn’t fight with the sofa fabric, the styles of furniture shouldn’t compete with each other. You put time, energy and money into creating an authentic space that will be lived in by real people. YOU and your family!

Modern chic is relatively timeless as the basic design elements change only minimally and translate across decades. This is were Bunyaad rugs come in and add a timeless beauty and individuality that make your home personal and a most comfortable place to live in.

Create an authentic space
for real people.

A Tribal Kazak and a red Bokhara from our Bunyaad rug collection are part of this home. Take a look at these amazing photos. The colors just pop and add the right amount of interest to bring together the darker wood tones, clean lines and off-white fabrics and wall color.

The look is modern yet timeless and you can easily change elements over the years to keep that touch of individuality.

Rugs at Parade of Homes

Rugs at Parade of Homes

Rugs at Parade of Homes

Rugs at Parade of Homes

We hope you enjoy the look as much as we do. Our Rugs in Homes Galleries are full of inspiration as well.

What are some of the main design elements in your home d├ęcor? Can you easily change some of those elements? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. The kazak is so lovely! It looks great in this setting. I bought a red kazak at our last sale and have it in my kitchen. I love it’s bright perky colour. The tribals are so full of character.

    1. Jane, you are so right. The Kazaks do have great character and are just amazing pieces in so many different home environments. I would love to see a picture of the Kazak in your kitchen. Feel free to email us one (or two or three).

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