Knot Brothers, The Movie

KnotBrothersSquare We talk a lot about how every knot in a Bunyaad rug is tied by hand and how an expert knotter can tie over 40 knots per minute but we were recently reminded that we don’t often talk about HOW every knot is tied.

Our rugs use primarily two types of knots: the Senna knot and the Turkish knot.

The Senna knot is an asymmetrical knot and is used in the majority of our rugs, from Persians to Chobi tribals. It is virtually formed with a figure 8 around two warp threads.

The Turkish knot is also tied around two warp threads but instead of a figure 8, it is a knot where both ends of the wool come out together instead of on either side of one warp thread, like the Senna knot.

Confused yet? Let us show you how these knots are tied, as only our staff can. Let us introduce Knot Brothers, The Movie starring Yousaf Chaman as Warp #1 and Lloyd Chapman as Warp #2. (Please note that many two-second practices happened before the filming of this movie!) May you have a good laugh AND may you have a new understanding of how a rug knot is tied.

You can watch Bunyaad rug knotters in action tying up to 40 knots per minute on our Introduction to Bunyaad Rugs Video or check out the page on Knotting in the Rug Production section.

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  1. Great movie, great story, great acting. I am sure both warp 1 and 2 will be up for many awards. Are they on tour to promote the movie?

  2. Have to agree….the knot brothers AND the narrator are warped more than the warp!!! It is great to see all of you still having so much fun.

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