Easily Clean Wine off Rugs

Oops? Did we just spill red wine on a light colored Persian rug on purpose? We sure did!

Spilling food or wine on carpets can easily put you in a panic as you think about possible permanent stains on your beautiful rug. Searching the internet brings up all kinds of interesting “solutions” to cleaning red wine off a rug. We can’t speak to other brands, but we can speak to Bunyaad rugs because we know that they are made with wool fibers rich in natural lanolin. Follow these easy steps to a clean and stain free Bunyaad rug.

All it takes are a few simple steps and items you already have at home.

Cleanings Tools:

  • Clean cotton cloth (old T-shirts work great)
  • A bucket with hot water
  • Dish soap or Dr Bronner’s liquid castile soap
  • …that’s it!

Dab spilled wine with damp cloth


1. TAKE A DEEP BREATH, then move into action. Get a bucket of hot water. Dampen the clean cloth and soak up as much of the red wine spill as you can. Dab, dab and dab some more. Do NOT rub at this point, only DAB to soak up the liquids. Using a damp cloth helps to keep the fibers moist and the wine from drying.

2. Mix Dr Bronner’s liquid castile soap or regular dish soap into the hot water and rub the stained area until it is completely cleaned. Keep rinsing the cloth and repeat the process until the area looks completely clean. Add extra soap directly to the cloth only after repeating the above several times. (Remember, the more soap you put in, the more you will need to wash out!)

3. Get fresh hot water.

4. Use a damp cloth and dab the area again to get the soap out. Repeat this step as necessary. It is important to get ALL of the soap out of the rug.

Clean red wine spill with soap and water
Getting all of the soap out with a cloth is difficult. You can always use a steam cleaner to go over the entire rug for an even cleaning and to be sure that the soap is washed out.

5. Brush the pile with your hand or the cloth in the same direction as the rest of the rug and let it dry.

That’s it! Your rug should be nice and clean. The Rug Room is always only a call away to talk you through the cleaning steps or take care of the cleaning for you.

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  1. If you pour club soda onto the wine stain and then put a towel over it and step on it to absorb the liquid this works like a charm.

    1. Marie, club soda works great too. Not everybody has club soda at home though and we wanted to show how easy it is to clean wine with just soap and water. Something that every household has available.

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