Flooding in Pakistan

In the last three weeks, Pakistan has been inundated with flooding covering a third of the country especially as the world continues to deal with long and short term effects of Covid. This has devastated the economy and destroyed crops, livestock, homes, schools and businesses, as rivers overflow with melting glaciers and heavy monsoon rains. Bunyaad works with more than 850 families in Pakistan, many of whom live in the flooded areas.

Currently communication is disrupted and we are unable to get pertinent information on the well-being of our artisans nor able to reach them by road. We do know that the artisans who create our Persian and tribal rugs, as well as hand woven pillows and coasters, live predominantly in the areas of the flooding. As soon as we are able to establish contact, we will begin to assess the short and long-term needs of our artisan families. Unfortunately, more heavy rains are expected for the next several weeks, which could potentially flood an additional river, comprising even more of the country.

In times of crisis, we do our best to meet long-term needs to ensure sustainability. Historically, artisans’ first request is to restore their ability to work by getting looms back in action (even in temporary accommodations) and then we work toward the long-term health of the community. We plan to stay in touch as communications are established and we are able to reach artisan families both in the north and south of the country.

We want to thank everyone for your emails, phone calls, text messages and personal notes. We are communicating all of this love and concern to our partners in Pakistan and will update you as soon as we know more.

As our fall rug event travel season begins to go into high gear this week, we know that our work to sell rugs is more important than ever. We thank you for walking with all of our artisans during this challenging, uncertain time.

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