Truffula Trees & Whimsy in the Rug World

Look at this rug. Really look at it. What comes to your mind?


Upon discovering this rug as he checked in the new shipment, our co-worker Doug proclaimed that he was convinced that Dr. Seuss had something to do with this rug. “Look! Look at those trees! Don’t they remind you of Truffula trees from The Lorax?”. At first, we rolled our eyes but we then saw what he meant.

In many of his books, Dr. Seuss addressed large issues, like caring for the environment in The Lorax and peace and reconciliation in the Butter Battle Book. But he did so with whimsical characters and fanciful backdrops. In many ways, Bunyaad artisans help us to see the world’s vast beauty in the living color of dyed wool and intricate knotting.

So, with a little humor and much appreciation, we want to dedicate this poem to all those with wildly creative and unbridled minds set on capturing the uniqueness in their minds eye into something physical for all of us to see and enjoy.

One may wonder where do they get
those designs that we see
the floral ones, the curvy swervy ones,
the zippity zee ones that we just met,
and the ones with those funny little trees.

From inside of domes and water-lily homes
and from the life they see.
During trips we feel the inspiration that get he and she
to put into their lots of knots.

From sunshine and rain
and things running faster than the train
but now this one has us stumped.
For when we look upon this one, our mind flows to only one.
The one of one fish, two fish, and green eggs and ham
but we see nowhere that this can be
and yet don’t you see these as truffala trees?

No, indeed, Dr. Seuss did not stay
in the villages of Darianwala, Halwan or even others equally far away.
The love of nature and the desire to keep
all that is beautiful alive in this art (with the help of sheep)
is one that is not limited to the mind of Seuss
but all with the creative license that fair trade will produce.

(Don’t worry! We won’t quit our day jobs as full-time fair trade advocates for change. We know poetry is not our thing but oh, how wonderful it is to be inspired by the incredible creativity of our Bunyaad artisans.)

The Original Tree of Life

This Tree Of Life is 4′ 8″ x 7′ 1″ in size and offers 800 knots per square inch. Take a closer look at https://rugsearch.tenthousandvillages.com/rug/2150762/ to see this rug in our inventory and browse our extended rug collection both in the US and Canada.

Tree Of Life persian

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