(Pronounced Share-wahn)

Shairwan rugs are essentially Kazak style rugs in terms of pattern, but they are made with a hand-spun wool spun by a spinning wheel. With this more consistent hand-spun wool, finer patterns are produced and hence Shairwans sport a higher knot count than Kazaks.

Accents of turquoise, peach, terra cotta, orange, yellow and wheat.

Our Shairwan rugs are almost entirely naturally-dyed. Shairwan natural dyes are commercially-available natural dyes (such as indigo and cochineal) and are therefore less labor intensive for our artisans than hand-gathered natural dyes. The reason for the phrase “almost entirely naturally-dyed” is because some artisans choose to augment their natural dyes with some commercially-available dyes in order to create the precise color they desire.

Shairwans are intricate geometrically-patterned pieces with common coloration including indigo blues, reds, ivory with accents of turquoise, peach, terra cotta, orange, yellow and wheat.

  • Knot count: Over 144 knots per square inch
  • Colors in each rug: 4–7 colors
  • Composition: 100% wool on a cotton or wool warp and weft
  • Type of knot: Turkish and Senna depending on the design and the artisan
  • Production: A 9’x12′ rug could be completed in 12–14 months by four to five experienced artisans working five to six hours a day