(Pronounced Kill-im)

Kilims are flat weave carpets

Kilims are flat weave carpets and therefore do not have a pile like the rest of our collection. Crafted primarily on vertical looms, these rugs are woven using a warp-wrapping method. Known as sumeck kilims, the rugs are virtually reversible but there is a decided right side to these kilims. Their wool is naturally dyed using both hand-gathered natural dyes and more commercially-farmed natural dyes like cochineal and indigo. They also spotlight the natural wool colors coming directly from the dhumba sheep.

  • Knot count: n/a
  • Colors in each rug: 3–8 colors
  • Composition: 100% wool on a cotton or wool warp and weft
  • Type of knot: warp-wrapped kilim
  • Production: A 9’x12′ rug could be completed in 5–6 months by four to five experienced artisans working five to six hours a day