(Pronounced Gah-bay)

Gabbeh patterns tend to have a more contemporary look

Gabbeh rugs are akin to Chobis in that they are knotted from entirely hand spun yarn, dyed with 100% hand-gathered natural dyes. They have a softness and luster that emulates the look of an antique rug. This hand-gathered dyeing process is incredibly labor intensive and adds to the general value of the rug. The hand spun yarn and natural dye process means that these rugs are entirely natural and hand produced. Gabbeh patterns tend to have a more contemporary look, ranging from stripes and geometric designs to arts & crafts style vine patterns.

  • Knot count: Over 100 knots per square inch
  • Colors in each rug: 4-7 naturally-dyed colors
  • Composition: 100% hand-spun wool on a cotton warp and weft
  • Type of knot: Senna
  • Production: A 9’x12′ rug could be completed in 10–12 months. Just as with a Chobi, over 70% of the labor done on Gabbeh rugs happens before the rug actually reaches the loom, from spinning the wool by drop spindle to hand-gathering and producing the seasonal natural dyes