(Pronounced Bow-khAR-ah)

These rugs have fine traditional geometric patterns on a solid background colors, generally in jewel tones. They tend to have velvety, plush piles and are very pliant (almost blanket-like) in texture. They are part of a very long tradition and heritage in various parts of Pakistan such as Multan, Kashmir, Hyderabad, Lahore and surrounding areas of the northeast region.

  • Knot count: Over 200 knots per square inch
  • Colors in each rug: 5-8 jewel toned colors
  • Composition: 100% wool on a cotton warp and weft. Some rugs will have touches of silk to outline the design. In addition, some specialty pieces will be crafted with a large percentage of silk knots. This will be noted on the price tag as a bundle of silk costs considerably more than the price of wool
  • Type of knot: Senna
  • Production: A 9’x12′ rug could be completed in 9–10 months by four to five experienced artisans working five to six hours a day