Pakistani Seekh Kebabs

There is nothing more classic Lahori then sitting outside at night, watching a family member grill up kebabs over a charcoal grill. Wrap that hot kebab in a fresh naan, sprinkle with chopped lettuce, tomato and onions, top with cucumber mint raita and oh my, DELISH!

Join Yousaf and Jenni as they walk you through making these kebabs and raita at home. Cook them up on your grill or stovetop. Meat and vegetarian/vegan options. Perfect for all of your summer outdoor get-togethers!

Cook along or just watch as we weave stories of rugs, Pakistani artisans & fair trade into our cooking. Now that we’re traveling more with work, Cooking with Bunyaad is held once a month, usually on a Sunday. Please join our mailing list to get notifications of our free, online cooking times.

This session of Cooking with Bunyaad aired June 26, 2022.

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