Holiday Kitchen Memories

A very special holiday memories edition of Cooking with Bunyaad. It never ceases to amaze us how aromas from the kitchen bring back memories. It may be memories of times gone by. It may be memories of loved ones who are no longer with us. But when we make these special recipes, it’s like those moments, those people, are beside us once again.

This year, we want to share some very precious memories and people with you through some simple but powerful recipes. We will be taking you to Kazakhstan and bringing back memories of our time becoming a family while connecting with others through simple cookies. We will light a candle in memory of our dear young Kazakh-American friend Noah who died this year way too young but who left an imprint on the world that transcends his short years on this earth. We will remember him through his favorite spiced Danish cookie recipe, one that we now call Noah’s Cookie. We invite you to light a candle in your own kitchen to remember those who come back to you through culinary scents. We invite you to share about them during our time together.

Need any of the spices for this Cooking with Bunyaad time? We have them all in our downtown Lititz store or online! If you’ve never cooked with fair trade Burlap & Barrel Single Origin spices, you’re in for a real treat!

Cook along or just watch as we weave stories of rugs, Pakistani artisans & fair trade into our cooking. Now that we’re traveling more with work, Cooking with Bunyaad is held once a month, usually on a Sunday. Please join our mailing list to get notifications of our free, online cooking times.

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