Cooking with Bunyaad Dhal, Paratha & Joshanda

Dhal & Paratha. It’s that go-to meal for every Pakistani household and it’s a staple on the lunch menu at the Bunyaad Warehouse in Lahore.

Every household has their favorite recipes and their favorite tips and tricks to make the dhal spiced just like they like it, using their favorite lentils, and the parathas as flakey and delicious as possible.

Dhal & paratha are eaten for all meals, many times served with a hard boiled or fried egg with breakfast. And Yousaf begins to go into a food dreamland when he reflects on the sweet parathas his mom used to make him for breakfast, served with homemade yogurt on the side.

We will also be making a third dish for our first Cooking with Bunyaad of 2021. In Pakistan, many families ward away cold and aches by drinking joshanda, an herbal drink that is not only tasty but takes away what ails you.

It’s a big cooking time to launch 2021 and we’re excited to share this special time with you.

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