Cooking with Bunyaad – Pumpkin Pilau

Join our online Cooking class and afternoon party as we show you the tips and tricks behind making this festive main dish, Holiday Pumpkin Pilau.

Born in Lahore, Pakistan, Yousaf will lead us in making this classic rice dish perfect as a center of your holiday table. Made with or without meat, this dish marries pumpkin, raisins, garbanzo beans & cashews (optional) to make a truly unique Pakistani dish.
Easily made for all diets around your holiday table, including carnivores, gluten-free & vegans alike!
As a special addition, Yousaf will demonstrate a second Punjabi pumpkin side dish that his grandma used to make in her Darianwala village home, savory Kaddu ka Halwa. This dish is ideal for eating with the Pumpkin Pilau or as a stand-alone side dish or with naan.

Cook along or just watch as we weave stories of rugs, Pakistani artisans & fair trade into our cooking.

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Here’s the recorded Cooking with Bunyaad Pumpkin Pilau. Enjoy!