Cooking with Bunyaad – Gulab Jamun

Join our LIVE online cooking time as we show you the tips & tricks behind this classic Pakistani & Indian sweet, Gulab Jamun. This month we are “traveling” to Pakistan with the women of Bunyaad, Jenni Leister & Asma Amir.

Gulab jamun are soft, delicious balls made of milk solids, flour & a leavening agent. These are soaked in a sugar syrup and enjoyed warm or cold. The word “Gulab” translates to rose in Urdu & “jamun” to berry. When a rug comes off an artisan’s loom, there is cause for celebration. It’s the end of many months of work, culminating in a gorgeous final piece. Artisans celebrate with their village neighbors by sharing sweets. Gulab jamun are often part of this sweet mixture.

Our regular chef and Lahore native Yousaf Chaman will be joining us on Sunday but in a slightly different capacity… here’s a hint… what happens when you make a cooking mess on top of one of your Bunyaad rugs? Let Yousaf show you!

Cook along or just watch as we weave stories of rugs, Pakistani artisans & fair trade into our cooking. More about our fair trade rug program at

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Here’s the recorded Cooking with Bunyaad-Gulab Jamun. Enjoy!